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Project Update

On 1st September, Hi-Quality Group received EPA approval on our Environment Management Plan. This plan was developed under the new regulations for the management and disposal of the soil excavated by the tunnel boring machines used on the West Gate Tunnel Project.

EPA’s approval of our EMP reflects the quality of our proposal, and our commitment to upholding the highest environmental standards. We have been operating a best practice waste management and resource recovery facility in Sunbury since 2003 and have a strong track record of safe and sustainable waste management over this period.

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1. Stakeholder and Community Engagement

Since March this year, we have been engaging with the Sunbury and Bulla community, as well as local businesses, landowners and community groups. Between April and May 2020, we conducted a formal stakeholder engagement process which was provided to the Minister for Planning as part of Hi-Quality’s draft Planning Scheme Amendment. The findings of this work can be found in our Close the Loop document and Stakeholder Engagement Summary report. Our phone line and online enquiry form remains open, and we encourage anyone with questions to reach out.

Hi-Quality Group is an Australian-owned, family run business with 55 years of experience adopting and promoting sustainable best practice initiatives in quarrying, recycling and waste management. As a Hub of State Significance No. 12, we are a world-class waste-management facility, with experience handling contaminated and non-contaminated waste safely and securely in Sunbury since 2003.

We welcome feedback and enquiries.